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Completed projects

Abbot Point X-50 Expansion

(Nov 2010 – Oct 2011)
  • Client: NQBP
  • Scope: Out loading String # 1 upgrade Train unloading – Ship loader, Integration of new system into existing plant, document control and commissioning.
  • Duration: 11 months

Pump Station Upgrade

(April– August 2017)
  • Client: BMA, Braeside
  • Scope: Project management, Supervision and electrical upgrade of an existing pump station. Scope included the installation of a HV kiosk substation, LV substation and VVVF AC drive system. Commissioning support, redline mark-ups and document control.
  • Duration: 5 Months

Dragline 28 Shutdown

(June 2019 – Sept 2019)
  • Client: BMA – South Walker Creek
  • Scope: Conversion of Drive Motors and Systems from DC to AC, Machine Re-Wire, Motor replacements, High Voltage System Upgrade, drawing red pen mark-ups and commissioning.
  • Duration: 3 months

Coolibah Pit Restart

(December 2019 – September 2020)
  • Client: BMA – Saraji Mine
  • Scope: High Voltage Substation Supply and Installation, Remote Pump Station Installation, Communication Trailer Installation, drawing red pen mark-ups and commissioning.
  • Duration: 6 months

CHPP MCC Upgrade

(May 2018 – July 2018)
  • Client: BMA – Saraji Mine
  • Scope: Removal of existing MCC’s in the CHPP Main Switch room, Installation of new MCC (4 Total), new transformer feeder cables, drawing red pen mark-ups and commissioning.
  • Duration: 2 Months

Substation and Conveyor System Upgrade

(July 2020 – October 2020)
  • Client: Glencore– Collinsville Mine
  • Scope: Project management, Supervision and electrical installations associated with the substation upgrade, MCC changeout and various distribution boards. TLO stockpile and conveyor control system upgrades. Commissioning support and document control.
  • Duration: 4 months


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